UK Shoppers are biggest spenders online

UK are biggest Online Spenders

A recent Ofcom survey shows that shoppers in the UK spend more online compared to every other major country

UK consumers spend on average £1,083 on Internet shopping per year, with the second highest being Australia, which comes in at £842 per year.

Britons are also getting more and more into using mobile devices to shop online. We are also downloading more data to mobile devices compared to the rest of the world. In December 2011, UK mobile users downloaded an average of 424MB of data per user, compared to the average Japanese usage of 392MB.

16% of all UK based web traffic comes from mobile devices, more than the rest of Europe.

UK mobile users are also heavy into social networking, with 40% of adults using their smartphones and tablets to access services like Facebook and Twitter. 18 to 24 year olds are even higher at 62%.

We are also more likely to use TV-on-demand services and digital video recorders

It's not just mobile devices we like to use the Internet on, ownership of Internet enabled televisions has increased to 15%, compared to the 10% in the United States. And bigger is better, with the average size of televisions going up. In the first quarter of 2012, over 30% of televisions sold were between 33in (84cm) and 44in (112cm).

If you are thinking this all sounds very expensive, the report also shows that the UK is the cheapest place to buy communication devices, although other countries are catching up on reducing prices. Also, the report says that communication services including land-line telephone, mobile (texts, calls and broadband) and TV costs us on average £146 in the UK. France pay £32 more, £101 more in Italy and we are a staggering £168 cheaper than the US.


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