UK Mobile e-commerce set to increase 584% in 2012

Mobile Shopping Apps A report on commissioned by Kelkoo and carried out by the Centre for Retail Research contains some astonishing figures!

The report reveals that, for the third year running, consumers in the UK are predicted to be the biggest mobile shoppers in Europe in 2012 and are expected to spend £4.5billion using mobile devices. This has increased from just £0.7billion in 2010, accelerated growth of 584% in just two years.

Some more interesting figures:

  • Shopping on mobile devices is set to increase by 53% in the next 12 months
  • Mobile shopping will reach £4.5 billion
  • The British are the biggest mobile shoppers for the third year running
  • In 2011 almost half of UK mobile phone users owned a smartphone
  • There are an estimated 24.6 million smartphones currently in the UK
When we look at spending per person, the UK also comes out on top – spending the most through their mobile devices in 2011 at £192 each.

This is a fascinating trend and one to watch closely.

If it continues it represents a significant shift not only in consumer shopping, but in computer usage generally.

It also means that if you have, or are thinking of getting, an m-commerce website a mobile first web design should be a much higher priority!

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