What Pages Should I have On My Website?

Website Pages

Many small businesses feel that in this day and age they should have a website

They are probably right!

Most people only use their phone books as door stops, and use the internet to find services and businesses, therefore is you're not online you might not get found!

However it can be hard to come up with content for a website, especially if you are not that familiar with the internet in general

It's also never easy when looking at a blank piece of paper to just "come up with something!"

There are however some common pages that are used on lots of websites that are a good place to start in your website design

The "Home" page - This is the default page of your website, the "welcome page". This is obviously an import page and one that requires some effort. But the most important things is to keep it clear. People need to be able to tell exactly who or what you are straight away. It is also vital that people can easily and clearly see where to go next to find out more information.

This leads us on to some other pages you might want to consider

The "About Us" page is one that you see on the majority of websites. It's a really useful page for giving prospective clients a bit more detail about who you are. This page can be used to build trust, it can put a human face to your website / business and it can provide valuable search engine marketing content

Build your Website Content

The "Contact Us" page is also another vital one, presuming you want prospective or existing customers to be able to contact you! You can be selective about what contact details you put on this page if you wish. For example if you are a home based business you may not want your home address online.

You may want to have a contact form on this page, to make it as easy as possible for people to contact you. But remember some people don't like filling in forms, so it's allway good to have some other methods too!

Some additional pages you might like to consider:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - This page can be really useful at providing prospects and customers with a concise source of information. It can also save you answering the same question again and again over the telephone!

Gallery - A gallery page can be great for showing examples of your work, or your staff or even other happy customers!


Blog - Blogs are a bit more complex and we'll be providing more info on these soon! But basically, a blog is a section of your website where you keep adding new content / pages. The type of content you add is mainly up to you, but it can be invaluable for drawing in people to your site.

So, don't delay, your business needs a website now, and the great content you create will be a worthwhile investment of you time.



Molyneux Financial Planning www.molyneuxfp.co.uk Molyneux Financial Planning are a loyal customer of EDIT's and approached us for a refurbishment of their current site.

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