10 Really Simple Ways Anyone Can Improve The SEO Of Their Website

10 Really Simple Ways Anyone can Improve the SEO of their Website

1. Relax it's not rocket science.

2. Add good content. This doesn't have to be cleverly keyword laden semantic genius stuff. Just something people might want to read is fine!!

3. Great page titles. Think of it like a newspaper headline. It needs to grab attention.

4. Give any pictures you use a meaningful name and alt tag.

5. Try to make your page title, URL and description match and have keywords in them.

6. Make your site navigation clear and user-friendly.

7. Get links to your site. Any and every day you can!!

8. BE PATIENT !!! In 2008 Google reached the 1 trillion web page milestone (that's 1,000,000,000,000 unique URL's)

They're not saying how many they've got now as its growing so fast the number goes out of date quickly.

But what this means is that if you change your webpage for SEO purposes it will take a period of time for Google (and don't forget there are other search engines too!!) to notice!!

9. Keep doing it. SEO is not a job with a start and an end. You have to keep at it.

10. Get help. A good SEO company will help you without scaring you. They will provide a solution within your budget, not force you to take one of their "packages". They will help you inderstand SEO, what they are doing, and what you should be doing.

10 Really Simple Ways Anyone can Improve the SEO of their Website

P.S. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Find out more about Search Engine Optimisation here


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