Mobile Search Trend Going Through The Roof

iPhone Smart Phone

Is your business ready for the surge in mobile search?

Do you know what mobile search is?

More and more people are now buying smart phones like the Apple iPhone. This trend is especially strong in the UK.

Have you seen the fabulous new EDIT van yet?

The EDIT (East Devon IT) Van

We recently got a new van, a Ford Transit Connect to help us in our aim to bring business class IT Support to the people of East Devon

And just so that you know it's us we have had it outfitted in full company regalia!

Do Something Everyday To Promote Your Website

It's heartbreaking... your shiny new website design goes live and expectantly you wait for the flood of new business... Then nothing!

Promote Your Website

Where is all the website traffic ?

Where are all the new leads ?

Unfortunately the simple fact of just having a website, does not mean you will automatically get lots of website visitors. In truth, to all intents and purposes a new website is practically invisible to the world.

Therefore, if you want people to find your website you must promote it!

To eCommerce Or To Not eEcommerce?


Many small businesses struggle with the decision of whether to go online and start selling.

E-Commerce, otherwise known as selling online can seem a very daunting prospect. This seems to be especially so for existing businesses for whom online selling can be outside of their comfort zone.

However it is becoming increasingly apparent, with the exponential growth in on-line retail and the hard facts of a tough economic climate, that selling, or at the very least promoting your business online must be an essential part of your business model.

The Race to Infinity is on For Web in East Devon

Race to Infinity in East Devon

Infinity is a new fibre optic broadband service from BT.

It will provide connection to the Internet, giving you super fast broadband download speeds of up to 40Mb.

Whether you're big on social networking, gaming, streaming, uploading or downloading, prepare to have your life transformed!


Wood Yew Waste Ltd

Wood Yew Waste The largest wood recycling company in the South West of England, Exeter and Plymouth based Wood Yew Waste handles over 50,000 tons of waste wood each year. Wood Yew Waste came to EDIT with requirement

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Wireless VoIP

Wireless VoIP Standard aims to boost voice over IP quality A specification that should improve the quality of voice and video data on wireless local area networks has received approval from the IEEE. The standards body has approved the 802.11e

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The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication

The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication A password is no longer enough to secure your information or data or prevent access to your many online accounts. A ‘password’ implies a single word without spaces; a ‘passphrase’ is often long

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