Why Should Your Business Be Using Twitter?

Why your business should be using twitter

Since Twitter's launch in 2007, twitter.com has seen huge growth and has become one of the dominant players when it comes to social media.

If you're trying to establish an online presence, and have no idea what Twitter is - or aren't using it in some way to promote your brand - you haven't been paying attention.

Shame on you!

What are you losing by NOT having a Web Site?

Want to know what you're missing out on by not having a website?

Why all local businesses need a website

Recent research has shown that less that 50% of small businesses have a web site and that more that 45% of small business owners think that that they don’t even need one!

However business owners need to realise that the only thing phone books are used for these days is as a doorstop!

Half of web domain name servers are 'open to attack'

Key points:

Domain name servers are wrongly configured and so vulnerable to attack

If DNS systems fail, all Internet functions become unavailable

Many networks are vulnerable to pharming attacks

How does spyware get on your PC?

How did that spyware get on my computer?

Speaking at the Virus Bulletin 2005 conference in Dublin, Eric Chien, senior antivirus researcher at Symantec, outlines the common ways users are picking up spyware. Pop-up windows which suggest security updates and clock settings are available, or new messages are unread, often tempt less security-minded users to click.

"We've actually seen people create a full screen pop-up of a fake 'blue screen'," said Chien. Users are forced to act out of the belief their machine has crashed.

Contingency Plans for SME's

Most small and medium-sized businesses have no contingency plans for staff who might be unable to get to company offices in the aftermath of an emergency, research by Cable and Wireless reveals.

Over 65% of SMEs admit their businesses would be materially affected if staff were unable to come into the office for a day or less...

...yet a third of SMEs outside London and two-thirds in London have no business continuity plans in place.


Wood Yew Waste Ltd

Wood Yew Waste www.woodyewwaste.uk The largest wood recycling company in the South West of England, Exeter and Plymouth based Wood Yew Waste handles over 50,000 tons of waste wood each year. Wood Yew Waste came to EDIT with requirement

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Wireless VoIP

Wireless VoIP Standard aims to boost voice over IP quality A specification that should improve the quality of voice and video data on wireless local area networks has received approval from the IEEE. The standards body has approved the 802.11e

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The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication

The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication A password is no longer enough to secure your information or data or prevent access to your many online accounts. A ‘password’ implies a single word without spaces; a ‘passphrase’ is often long

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