Broadband is often treated as a utility like gas, water or electricity and people use the same approach to the supply of broadband as their utilities, in other words, just finding the cheapest supplier. This is not helped by utility companies and others also selling broadband alongside their other products and commodities, often bundling it up to try and make it appear irresistible.

Few businesses will be aware however of the different types of broadband that there are and consequently do not receive the appropriate broadband for their needs. Sure most people will be aware of the difference between fibre and the more traditional ADSL but beyond that, it is assumed that the service is "like for like" wherever they buy it from. This is just not the case though and it is so much more important for businesses to select the right provider than for home users, because we are all so reliant on good connectivity for our businesses to operate productively and efficiently.

This is where good advice pays dividends. At EDIT we always focus on what is best for our customers and give advice based on their actual circumstances. Did you know for example that there are situations where ADSL is faster than fibre? What about alternatives like Leased lines, FTTP, MPLS, EAD, EFM etc…

At EDIT, we also offer long range wireless broadband solutions which can work really well some remote parts of Devon.

Don't get sucked in to the “headline” speed, which is often just a marketing tool that quotes the highest technical specification for the line. This theoretical speed does not really have a bearing on the user experience nor the suitability for its intended use because many other factors play a part.

How often do you consider the care level when purchasing broadband or the IP address? What about fail over? Is your line critical? Hopefully you can now see that it is not as straight forward as taking the salesman’s word for it that what you have it is the right product for you, nor relying on the biggest national provider to look out for what you need rather than what they need to sell. Many services are sold as “business” systems but are in fact only really appropriate for Home\Office type business use at best.

If you just want some honest advice about what broadband you need please use the Contact Form or  give us a call on 01392 908000.


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