We create a small software application with specific parameters for your business. This application is then installed onto each PC or server requiring backup. The data to be backed up is selected within the application & schedules are set. Now you can sit back & relax confident that your data is safely being backed up.

Once the scheduled time arrives the application will identify all changed files within the backup set & mark them for backup. These files are then encrypted & transferred to a secure server where they are stored in a highly encrypted state. The files are then also copied to a second geographically dispersed secure server. In this way the data is securely located in three completely separate places & should a disaster occur at one location the data can be retrieved from either of the other two.

"No more transporting tapes off-site"

"No more fire proof safes to store your tapes in"

You may want to know more so please read on or contact us & we will gladly answer any questions you have.


Our online data backup system runs on ATTIX5, a well known industry leading platform. We have chosen a technology that is generally accepted as being the best because reliability & security are our top priorities. It is also extremely easy to operate.

This type of backup system is far more reliable than a human rotating tapes. People forget, the wrong tapes get used overwriting data, tapes get damaged, they wear out...



All data transmitted is encrypted & securely stored on the servers with 448 bit Blowfish technology. Blowfish is endorsed by the military and widely used by the banking and telecommunications industries. Only the holder of the encryption key - YOU can access the data.



Not only is your data securely encrypted but it is stored on servers in very secure locations. This ensures that physical access to your data is extremely difficult & even if it were possible, without the encryption key the data is unusable. Even we cannot view your data without your encryption key!


Recovering Your Data

Another advantage of using the ATTIX5 platform is that recovery of your data is a breeze. Unlike tape backups where the process is often complicated (even finding the right tape can be a problem) & is notoriously unreliable, this system is as easy as browsing through the directory structure.

Simply select the "Restore" tab from within the application, browse to the location of your file or directory & click restore. Your data will be restored immediately from one of our secure servers & is then instantly available to you.

  • The process is simple,
  • it can be carried out without engaging the services of an "IT person",
  • it costs nothing to restore data,
  • you can restore anything from 1 file to the whole backup set,
  • your data can be restored anywhere in the world (providing you have the software & encryption key),
  • it can be restored this easily onto a new machine for example if something disastrous happened to the original machine,
  • multiple versions available

Often companies will not restore files if it is just 1 file that is lost because the process of recovery is too complicated. With our online backup system it takes so little time & effort to recover files that it is practical to recover even just 1 file if needed.



As part of the service we also store multiple versions of your data. This means that even if a file became corrupt & has been saved & backed up without realising, you may still be able to recover your data by stepping back through the versions. An invaluable feature at no extra cost either for the facility or for storage!

Why not take our free online backup trial & experience it for yourself?



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