BizleyArt Site Redesign


BizleyArt is Richard Bizley, an artist based in Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast. He has a Gallery in the centre of Lyme Regis.

We built Richards first site around three years ago. In conversation with Richard we decided that now would be a great time to redesign / rebuild the site.

We had a clear set of aims with the redesign.

  1. Implement a Responsive Design
    • That is, optimise the site to work well on a full range of devices and screen sizes.
    • The site layout also has a strong “grid” which helps with this objective.
  2. Really focus on Richards artwork being the dominant elements in the design.
    • We used a number of modern techniques to show the artwork off in the best way possible.
  3. Add social medial integration
    • We added social sharing links to help the promotion of BizleyArt

We also implemented a number of behind the scenes enahncements to the site to optimise site performance and make it easier for Richard to update and manage the site using our content management system.


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