CAS Footcare

CAS Footcare

Chiropody Appliance Service was established in 1981 to supply high quality individual foot appliances from a central laboratory.

They hold an extensive range of standard/stock insoles and foot appliances, for customers to purchase online.

They came to us with an existing, but outdated e-commerce website, which was performing poorly.

In our early conversations with CAS Footcare we all agreed that there would be a lot of value in going through a re-branding process.

We therefore worked with them to establish a new brand, with logo and colour scheme. We then took that new branding and used it in the design and development of their new e-commerce website.

There was a limited brief for the new site design, but all stake holders agreed that it would need to be clean, modern, fresh, responsive with a subtle medical feel.

We ensured that the site was designed with a clear focus on who the potential site users would be.

We also sought to structure the site to allow for great search engine optimisation and ease of use for site visitors.


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