Neil's Restaurant

Neils Restaurant

Neil’s Restaurant is a well known and well respected fish restaurant in Sidmouth, Devon, owned and run by Neil Harding.

“Neil’s focuses on bringing the freshest Devon food, cooked in sympathetic and delicious ways to the table. Neil’s Restaurant Sidmouth has an informal and contemporary design and allows you to actually see Neil at work”

The business had an existing site which was working fairly well for them. However it was failing in one major area. It did not function well on mobile or tablet devices. Neil, quite correctly, felt that this was a major concern and one which we sought to address with the new site.

There were some specific features that were also required on the site.

  • A reasonably complex table bookings enquiry form, with functionality to prevent booking request for specified dates.
  • The restaurant menu is updated very regularly so the client needed a system to update the site & create a print format menu for use in the restaurant.
  • An e-mail newsletter sign up form.
  • Integration with Trip Advisor.

We successfully met all the client requirements for this site. Our design as a focus on great photography to showcase the wonderful food created in the restaurant. This site also has good typography and a strong structure to make it easy to use for site visitors.



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